"जूलिया और राज भारत जाते हैं और पीटर और नेहा अमेरिका आते हैं।"

Translation:Julia and Raj go to India and Peter and Neha come to America.

July 26, 2018



Damn that was the longest sentence i've ever translated.

August 20, 2018


Is there any other punctuation besides । as a period? I know that using conjunctions like this in English would not be very eloquent... :-) (I was hoping for something like a comma perhaps)

July 26, 2018


The rest of the punctuations are same as in English.

July 26, 2018


It offered "&" as an option when using the word bank, but marked me wrong when I chose it instead of one of the "and"s.

October 1, 2018


What does it mean by "come to"? Is that meaning the same as goes to or comes from?

February 11, 2019


Too long and too much scope to fail for typos!

March 4, 2019


In previous translations use of America marked incorrect USA is correct. Now when I typed USA it marks as wrong and America as right? I am confused...

March 17, 2019
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