Norwegian tree completed!

Finally! Three months of hard work has paid off!

Hei alle sammen! I dag har jeg fullført det norske treet! Det var ganske vanskelig men jeg aldri ga opp.

Hi everyone! Today I have completed the Norwegian tree! It was quite difficult but I never gave up.

I did more than twenty skills today, that’s how committed I was.

I have a bit of a way to go, I’d like to review all the vocabulary I learned on Duolingo and use a bit of external resources until I’m fluent (which isn’t far away, thanks to Duolingo.)

All I have to say to the Norwegian contributors, is tusen takk for dette kurset.

I’m posting this in the general Duolingo topic because there aren’t a ton of Norwegian learners. If you want me to move it I’ll be “mer enn glad” to do so.

July 26, 2018



July 26, 2018

Takk :)

July 26, 2018

I like your new owl, by the way! Hope to get it myself some day.

July 26, 2018

I like it a lot too, a lot more than the German one, and I’m more proud of getting this one because the Norwegian course is definitely longer.

July 26, 2018

The Norwegian tree is actually 3 skills shorter than the German tree. I counted.

July 26, 2018

Oh, so I finished two really long trees.

July 26, 2018

Gratulerer så mye, og lykke til videre!

July 26, 2018

Pat, Congrats! All of the Scandinavian languages are difficult for me. I think that going to Amsterdam will be the key to my initial learning motivation. I will go with the proper attitude and clothing. Copenhagen is another bucket list destination. I dreamt of being a mermaid long before Disney inspired little girls all over the world. Pat yourself on the back. Your new friend, Cat. Have a Lingot for your determination.

ps " I Remember Mama" is one of my favorite movies of all time.The mama portrayed by Irene Dunne gave me a role model to guide my duty as a good nother.

July 26, 2018

Takk :). The Scandinavian languages can be difficult, especially Danish with its pronunciation or Finnish being Uralic. Norwegian is easier in pronunciation and grammar but prepositions are hard to use.

July 26, 2018


July 26, 2018

Tillykke med det. Du skal modtage et lingot fra mig. Fremragende!! :)

July 26, 2018

Jeg kan forstå nesten alt du sier, men hva betyr “modtage”?

July 26, 2018

Det betyder "receive" :)

July 26, 2018

Oh, på norsk er det “få”

July 26, 2018

Gratulerer! How would you rate the difficulty of Norwegian? I've been studying Swedish, which is similar, plus I understood what you wrote in Norwegian. Takk skal du ha!

July 26, 2018

6/10. The grammar is easy but there are some really confusing words (til/for, which I believe is till/för in Swedish)

July 26, 2018

Thank you for your input! I can't wait to start the course!

July 26, 2018


July 26, 2018



Isn't Norwegian the longest DuoLingo tree?

And you made it in just three months!
Wow, incredible! :-)

You had learned a bit of Norwegian before you signed up on Duolingo, don't you?
Are you an English or German native speaker?

Was this on the Duolingo web portal or in the app with tapping?

Personally I find learning new words on the mobile Android app gives me a pretty bad retention on the web portal when I have to type the words, correctly conjugate all the words there the next following days.

Have you already started the vocabulary Duolingo course on Memrise?:

How well can you already RECALL those learned words when you have to type them on the Memrise web portal ("all typing" Tampermonkey user script activated) in the target language?

As you will continue to practice reviewing, starting the Memrise course (or any AnkiSRS shared decks) will definitely help you in the long run for the next 1-1,5 years.

I did more than twenty skills today, that’s how committed I was.

On the mobile app?

Haven't you used IOS? Didn't health stop your "binge learning"? :-) :-)

If yes+no, how much money (gems) have you thrown at Duolingo to be able to continue your lessons that day? :-)


Actually I am very interested to hear how much of that you can recognize or RECALL the next days, if any of those new words :-)

Weren't there any new grammar skills for those 20?
Didn't you have to read the web "tips and notes" first or in parallel doing the exercises?

When I re-learned those ~70 (7x10) Present 1-3 verbs, adjective and adverb skills (=Memrise levels) on Memrise, I had a tough time for the next days/weeks.

No, I surely did not learn so MANY skills the same day (it happened that I maybe did 1-2 or 3 skills depending on the complexity).

One skill with ~70 words was enough (for me), to be honest.

70 is still way beyond the standard Memrise 10, 15-30 words/day limit.

Is the Norwegian language that much easier with person verb conjugations compared to German, English or Romance languages?

On Memrise I learned the infinitive (base) form for Portuguese as my 1st Romance language, on Duolingo I heavily practiced the verb conjugations all the later days and weeks.


Q: How the heck do you remember ~1400 words (7 words x 10 lessons x 20 skills) which you had learned on those 20 skills in one day?

It took me at least 11 days and 20 hours to "learn" 1000 Spanish words (learning does not mean to know!) on Lingvist, even I learned Portuguese before for one year; a Lingvist data specialist looked into my account history and told me that my retention (correctness) rate was way below 70-80% where a correctness rate of 80 or 85% is the minimum daily goal (I think the total was <50%; would have to check the thread again).

You will now be death-beaten with a quite huge backlog queue the next days, at least when you use Memrise/AnkiSRS, and it will be quite tough to keep up with the huge review list (the more you learn, the more often you have to review).


At least try to practice (re-strengthen) those finished non-golden skills with <100% strength the next days:

I think it will be fun to re-learn ALL, especially those ~1400 words, on Memrise!

A little challenge for you:

  • 1) Try to learn as many words as you can a single day
  • 2) Try to clean the backlog queue the next days
  • 3) Try to keep up with the short-term Memrise 4h + 12h review intervals (kicking in when you freshly planted new words)

The best is to learn new words in the morning and review those in the afternoon and at night right before bedtime.

If you do use the Duolingo web portal:

Have you tried Camilo's user script "Duolingo Tree Enhancer" to activate the target audio (Norwegian) for right hand side translations and multiple choice questions (answer solutions)?

I wish you much fun and success with your further studies.

Viele Grüße

July 26, 2018

You're a gem member of Duolingo, Thomas. Thanks for your never-ending amazing tips.

July 26, 2018

Am I the only one who loves this guy?

July 26, 2018

I was studying Norwegian for about two months before I came to Duolingo. I did use the mobile app, because I found that I concentrate better on there and the lessons seem shorter. Verb conjugation is extremely easy, since all subjects share the same conjugation.

July 26, 2018

@PatSchiebz226 Inspired by your completion of Norwegian, I started it today. It sounds so much softer to the ears than Danish. Looks like I am going to enjoy learning this melodious Scandinavian language :)

July 27, 2018

I updated a bit my above text and added the direct link

July 26, 2018

You will now be death-beaten with a quite huhg backlog queue the next days, at least when you use Memrise/AnkiSRS, and it will be quite tough to keep up with the huge review list (the more you learn, the more often you have to review).

Does that mean that there's a way with Memrise to flag a course and the words/phrases therein as "learned"? I adore the Memrise repetitions, and, for instance, I'd really love to add French-from-German 1-3 (I started out with 4), but I just couldn't stand having to go through the process of "learning" them.

And I must say, it's really quite sad that there's no follow author feature here on Duo. You'd be one of two I'd definitely follow, thanks a whole bunch for your contributions and have a few lingots!

July 26, 2018


Hi Olaf,

thanks for your compliment.

As there are so many ups and downs here on Duolingo it is also important to read about the "the good stuff" if someone did well.

Sorry that I somehow missed your comment for the past 10 months.

Maybe it is worth to discuss that a bit in a new Duolingo thread or even move it completely to Memrise in a new or existing thread.

I will have to check again what recent brainstorming ideas are already written down by me in the "all typing" and "auto learn" Memrise community threads....I can't remember exactly what I had explained to Cooljingle or requested there....

Quote: Does that mean that there's a way with Memrise to flag a course and the words/phrases therein as "learned"?

AFAIK, a course owner and course contributor is allowed on Memrise to auto-plant words / mark them as learned.

However, the "auto_learn" (previously known as auto_grow before 2016) feature is disabled for "normal" Memrise users.

Unfortunately, there is no 1000% fitting solution for us :-(

You can use Cooljingle's "Auto learn" Tampermonkey userscript to mark single words as PLANTED - during the normal Memrise learning process:

It kinda still works a bit, but on some courses I get errors, especially with the 1st planting (multiple-choice) step.
Sometimes it works, sometimes not; sometimes it works when you try again the next time....weird.
There must have been some Memrise web updates in the past months / last year which now behave different than before so Cooljingle would have to update this userscript (I also open an error description in his Memrise community thread).

Quote: but I just couldn't stand having to go through the process of "learning" them.

I am not aware of any solution where you could step over the single word planting / learning steps besides the above "Auto learn".

But even with that, you still have to view all the words at least once and it will take you a bit of time to hit the F2 hotkey and choose the correct multiple-choice solution.

Another possible solution would have been, to manually mark all words, which have been already learned in another course and ignore those.
For old Chinese HSK courses there seems to exist a userscript....but then you have to provide a list of words manually in the script...there is no perfect solution.

The other annoying thing with Memrise is, that most courses are grouped by levels and that the IGNORE feature is only available per LEVEL; you can't simply go through the list of ALL words for the whole course (only if levels are omitted) :-(

In Cooljingle's other community threads, e.g "all typing", "incorrect words review", etc. I run into a new problem:

"All typing" only gives me in learning mode for 2-3 courses the 1st planting step as typing, not multiple-choice.
So I had to deactive the userscript for learning and exclusively bind it to "classic reviews" only.

One of my ideas would be to re-engineer those userscripts with the help of Cooljingle so we actually have the choice:

  • 1) 1st learning step: multiple-choice vs typing

  • 2) 1st learning step typing:

-- 2.1) Get it right: Mark the word as fully planted / auto-learned (default setting, or pressing F2 again to turn it off)

-- 2.2) Get it wrong: Fall back into the traditional 6 planting steps; mixed with muliple-choice, audio, tapping, typing exercises

  • 3) be able to set a new flag in the preview word / learn dialog (step 0) where the translation is shown:
    Do we want A) typing or B) traditional multiple-choice / tapping as the 1st learning step?

I really do not like that Cooljingle's "Auto learn" userscript directly jumps on the 1st learning step from multiple-choice to FULLY planted when I only have to hit one of those 1-4 / 1-8 number buttons.

As I do so many Portuguese courses in parallel where I relearn some words again but set them to "fully planted" to get into the review cycles, even they are also available/learned in other courses, I would love the option to type out my first answer to better remember, reinforce my RECALLING knowledge BEFORE the userscript marks the 6th learning step.

So I feel there should be something in the middle - before the 1st learning step and before we are allowed to hit the F2 hotkey to the userscript toogles the "Auto learn" ON option....


As I tried to explain, even with Cooljingle's "Auto learn" userscript we have to waste some of our time to hit the 1-4 / 1-8 number hotkey for the 1st multiple-choice planting step.

If a word in a course - after 6000-7000 (total) "learned words" - is too easy, I simply IGNORE it nowadays, especially if I had seen it in another course.
For some words which are not very difficult, but contain some accents or strange spelling, but are not too easy, I would love to add the 1st typing / recalling step and benefit from it before the next 4h/12h SR interval.

I do not have the impression that I get anything positive out from the 1st multiple-choice learning step to be able to better remember strange spelling or accents/diacritics on the first two typing SR "classic reviews" :-(

Wünsche Euch allen schöne Pfingsten

June 8, 2019

Norwegian is actually a bit shorter than German, (3 skills) but it does teach a lot more.

July 26, 2018

The skills might be a bit shorter for Norwegian, but the lessons are much longer!

I found the "course length" overview link again (maybe a bit outdated, depending on latest course updates): page from Pat shows for the English-Norwegian course:

  • Skills: 117 (not 114)
  • Lessons: 531 (not 512)

My profile page for the English-German course shows me (I have not bought bonus skills):$comment_id=28174471

  • Skills: 121 + 2 (not 120)
  • Lessons: 458 + 4 (not 455)
July 26, 2018


July 26, 2018


July 26, 2018

well done friend!

July 26, 2018

Please do leave in the Norwegian forum

July 27, 2018

That's absolutely incredible! Good for you! Have a lingot! :)

July 28, 2018

Congratulations! I had also completed it before they updated the tree :(

July 27, 2018

Når ble treet oppdatert? (When was the tree updated?)

July 27, 2018

Well done mate

July 29, 2018

me the old one with 585 crowns..

June 8, 2019
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