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"Kronos and Earth are planets."

Translation:yuQmey bIH Qo'noS'e' tera''e' je.

July 26, 2018



is it bIH and not chaH because planets are inanimate?


Specifically, because they are not capable of using language.

(Animals, for example, are animate but not capable of using language -- they would also take bIH.)


How would the sentence be different if it were "Qo'nos tera' je", without the 'e' at the end of both? In what way would the meaning be different? Like...I understand that 'e' at the end indicates that the noun is the subject of the sentence, but I'm really not certain how the sentence changes if everything else is the same otherwise.


The sentence is simply ungrammatical without them. It would likely be understood, but it would sound funny. Like if I said, "I will running tomorrow," or "Bring a food at me."

Since the bIH is acting as both the subject and the verb, you can't just place some more nouns after it. When you are using a pronoun you cannot also use a noun in the same semantic position. Except that there is special rule that says when using a pronoun as a verb, you can tag on the specific subject that the pronoun represents by using the -'e' suffix. Without those -'e' suffixes, the nouns would just be extra nouns hanging out there after the end of the sentence and would have no grammatic or semantic role in the sentence.


Now I want to tell a waiter or waitress to bring a food at me. :)

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