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"जूलिया और नेहा दोनों को सोना है लेकिन पीटर को खेलना है।"

Translation:Both Julia and Neha have to sleep but Peter has to play.

July 26, 2018



Using 'want' would make the sentence more realistic and natural


I hate these complaints... It depends on the context and learning to say it different ways is helpful...

What if Julia and Neha's uncle is requiring them to go to bed for an exam tomorrow, but requiring Peter to practice for basketball because he has a tournament this weekend. "Have to" would be the most appropriate word in both cases, way more "natural" and "realistic" than want...


Then I guess both options should be accepted.


i am a native urdu speaker, very similiar and you wont listen such a sentence in 10 years. This sentence to a non biased reader might imply that julia and neha want to sleep but peter wants to play


'Neha and Julia have to sleep but Peter wants to play' should be accepted right?


Perhaps it should, but the word दोनों is not included


"Julia and Neha both have to sleep but Peter wants to play"?


If that was the case wouldn't they use चाहते हैं to indicate wants? Like this "... लेकिन पीटर खेलना चाहता है|" I know has to play sounds weird but I have known many parents that have to force kids to go outside and play these days so it doesn't seem completely unrealistic to me. I am not use if this is the meaning they are trying to convey though.


Peter has to play

This doesn't sound right, who has to play?


Jeez. "Neha and Julia" is different than "Julia and Neha"?

[deactivated user]

    Duolingo is sometimes too serious on names


    Duolingo prefers the correct order always


    why - है - for the third person "plural" remains the same?


    Surely "Julia and Neha both have to sleep (....)" should be accepted as a variation on "Both Julia and Neha have to sleep (...)"?

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