"One year is twelve months"

Translation:Mwaka mmoja ni miezi kumi na mbili

July 26, 2018

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In another exercise it says miwili and mbili is wrong! This one is the opposite!


I'm writing down all the answers and before miwili was correct and now it's mbili.So which one is it???


Shouldn't it be "miezi kumi na miwili"?


I'm always forgetful of which numbers need noun class prefixes, but I believe you're right


According to the Bakita rules it's all numbers ending in -moja, mbili/-wili, -tatu, -nne, -tano ... and -nane. A lot of people only do it for these numbers below ten though.

[deactivated user]

    The old grammar books teach you "viti kumi na viwili". The first time a native speaker heard me say that he laughed his head off. I started saying "viti kumi na mbili" :)


    Well, it seems that both are used. A Google search for "kumi na wawili" yields 320,000 hits, kumi na miwili 60,000, kumi na viwili 14,000, whereas kumi na mbili gives just over 1 million hits. But the latter would include all the N/N class plurals. So, maybe your native should keep a level head on not detach it to readily :)

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