"V lednu jsme tam viděli vlka."

Translation:In January, we saw a wolf there.

July 26, 2018

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In this lesson I notice that all “word bank” exercises offer exactly one month name to choose. So you need not know which month is which, you simply choose the only month name available. Wouldn't it be better to offer at least two months?


We cannot influence the word bank choices in any way. That is controlled by Duolingo programs automatically.

Personally, I consider all word bank exercises simply too simple and now with crowns I never do lesson exercises, only test-outs.


Měl bych otázku na slovosled ... matně si vpomínam že jsou nějaká pravidla podle kterých se to řídí, mohl by mně někdo prosím říct proč je tato varianta "we saw a wolf in january there" španě?

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