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Finally! Completed the Duolingo Hindi tree! (in 2 days)

Here's the story: So, yesterday, as I was doing my French, I saw on a comment that somebody had level 9 in Hindi. OMG! How? Some people got early access, though. Still, I double-checked. HINDI WAS THERE!!! So, I already knew Hindi (SPOILER!) so I took a placement test. I was a few skills short. No probs! I just did it today and I earned the trophy! I would have shown you the picture but I don't know how to add pics.

July 26, 2018



I am completely new to this language. How fluent do you think I will be after completing this course?


I don't think he'll be fluent, since he went lesson by lesson and finished the tree only at level 8!


i know hindi and i will do the same


Similar story, I'm almost done!


Hey!! Congratulations!! My mother tongue is Urdu, and I learnt the Hindi script a few years back. I've waited so long for Hindi here on Duolingo to make my reading better, and I just got done finishing the tree.


So what was the point in completing the tree when you already know Hindi? I could understand if you wanted to help other learners by Beta testing it but as you took the placement test you weren't doing that.


Hey Richard, can you tell me about Beta testing. I'm a native Hindi speaker and would love to help others learn this beautiful language. I am new to this site, so it would be a lot of help to me too if you could explain. Thanks!


yo i'm quite late to this, but would you mind counting the number of lessons in the course, if it's not too much to ask?

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