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All these errors in the program. Should I continue?...


I've been using the Chinese course for a few days and I love it so far, but, in the discussions there are so many posts saying there are many errors throughout. I've read there are errors in the answers and errors in the way the audible tones are pronounced. Also, none of these are being fixed from what I've read.

I want to learn this correctly and have spent a lot of time on this course in the last few days. It would be very disheartening to find that I'm learning how to speak and read incorrectly.

My question (to maybe a native Chinese speaker;) is there even any point in proceeding, or, should I switch to a language that has been better represented?

Also, I'd like to fulfill my other friendship achievements and I can't do that without you guess, so, would you please consider following me in order to receive my next star? It would be greatly appreciated, friends.

July 26, 2018



There are errors in all the courses, and I’ve been pretty vocal about them when I see them, but you have two choices. Use an imperfect system and learn, or don’t use the system because it’s imperfect and don’t learn.

Use the discussion forums attached to each lesson to understand the errors and the correct way and keep learning seems the better option. This is what Duo has chosen to do, which is to keep improving imperfect language learning courses rather than not offer them because they’re not perfect yet.


Sounds like a plan, even though Duolingo isn't improving the imperfect courses apparently. But, ye, the discussions have been invaluable thus far. Thanks


I've been learning Chinese for quite a while, so I was able to take a placement test when coming onto Duolingo. So, it means I haven't had the opportunity to do the beginner levels. However, at the advanced levels, the Chinese course is actually pretty well done. I haven't come across any mistakes and all my english expressions have been accepted. (btw, pronunciation seems brilliant for individual characters, but for sentences it seems a bit computer generated, but still completely understandable to me).

Regarding the OP's question about worthwhile of studying. I would suggest that the app may be good for learning vocabulary and sentence structure, but of course speaking with a Chinese speaker is still fundamentally important. Particularly with Chinese since it's is tonal based, and even many class taught students struggle to speak clearly so native speakers can understand them.


Very in-depth response. I greatly appreciate you sharing your insight on the course and offering an educated opinion on the validity of it. Thanks again and I hope the day finds you well, friend :)


yes keep doing it ,yes it has a few eorrs but it will still be better than being all wrong so please keep doing .


If you want to learn it correctly, why don't you buy a book? The thing is, it is just a free app and if there's a mistake we shall all understand it. Mandarin is my first language so I'm learning how foreigners learn Mandarin. There are a few mistakes, for example, 奇 actually has two different pronunciations, and each one has its own meaning. They should mention this. Because I'm learning this for fun and I think it's just better to learn something than not. Thank you for learning Mandarin! Just watch more TV shows or get a dictionary if you want lol. Have fun!


Great ideas. Everyone suggests watching TV in Mandarin lol. Conversational learning is probably one of the best ways to learn by far. Thanks for your feedback friend :)


I just reached level 25 in Duolingo's Chinese course in spite of all the aforementioned errors. I've lost count of all the "My answer should be accepted" messages I've sent to them. Compared to the Spanish course, I find the number of errors in the Chinese course quite ridiculous. In a lot of cases, I simply had to memorize a certain - to my ears - quite strange English translation, because I grew tired of getting errors on perfectly valid translations. So I expect a ton of correction emails on Chinese from Duolingo at some point.

Due to this, I'll likely try to finish all exercises to level 5 - because I'm quite close to this - and then leave Duolingo's Chinese course behind completely and probably switch to busuu or another learning system for Chinese, even though it's paid. I'd much rather have a paid course than having to deal with all these errors all the time.

So you're not alone on this.


Wow lol. Thanks for the heads up, friend. I think I'll follow suit and finish especially since it's free. If anything It'll definitely help increase my vocabulary.

In any case, thanks for taking the time leave feedback on your experience with the Chinese course. I hope the day finds you well.


It's because it's in beta, and also maybe because it's easier to teach European languages to people who already speak a European language, with that being said it's great that Duolingo is expanding to non-European languages and hopefully these things will be improved as the course progresses. In my opinion if you're that worried you should wait until it's out of beta and find something else to help you with Chinese in the meantime, but I'm not learning Chinese, I just follow all the language forums so I don't know :)


The Chinese course isn't in beta on my end. At least it doesn't say so like Arabic or Indonesian. But, I'll keep on it anyway. As stated in previous posts it'll still be fun to learn what I can. This is still an outstanding platform, and FOR FREE nonetheless lol!

In any case, thanks friend. I hope the day finds you well :)

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