"यह कौनसी जगह है?"

Translation:Which place is this?

July 26, 2018

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What is wrong with "What place is this?"


That would क्या instead of कौनसी. What place means you do not know what the location is and are asking information about it. Which implies that you are picking out of a group that you are aware of.

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To me, ❛Which place is this?❜ would seem natural in English if someone was driving around and wasn't certain where they were, for example.


I'm finding the Duolingo pronunciation of यह to be indistinguishably close to यहाँ and, moreover, in cases where either would work in context. This makes more sense of why native Hindi speakers seem to more pronounce यह more like "yeh".


Why is it कौनसी and not कौनसा ? Can anyone please tell the difference between these two?


It's कौनसी because जगह is a feminine noun.

कौनसा is the masculine form and कौनसी is feminine.


Oh I get it well जगह is a word which means place and thus generally places are considered feminine in Hindi , am I right??


Every noun (both common and proper nouns) has a grammatical gender in Hindi. But just because जगह is feminine does not mean that all places are feminine (for example, भारत is masculine while दिल्ली is feminine). Moreover, स्थान which also means 'place' is a masculine noun.

That said, you can sometimes guess the gender of a word based on the category. For instance, most country names are masculine, most river names are feminine etc. But there are a lot of exceptions to each of these rules. The same is true for guessing gender based on word endings word (words ending with ा are more likely to be male, those ending with ी are more likely to be female etc).

The only foolproof way is to learn every new noun that you come across along with its gender (i.e, instead of memorising dog=कुत्ता and cat=बिल्ली, you memorise my dog=मेरा कुत्ता and my cat=मेरी बिल्ली ).


Thanks a lot. That's a great tip to memorize the genders. I'll follow that tip from now onwards :)

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