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  5. "It is the lemon."

"It is the lemon."

Translation:É o limão.

March 28, 2013



is this the word for lemon or lime? i thought that lemons were not very common in brazil....


Lemons are the most common, at least in the area where i live....lima is another type of fruit and another variety of lemon.


dont try to figure it out. There are so many citrus fruits that also look like lemons or limes, with similar names, (many fruits not existing outside of south america) that you have never even seen before... that you will never figure it out. I have seen limes in 3 diff shapes and colors, one i thought was a tangerine...but no, those are difefrent (yet the same too).

Seriously, forget everything you know in english and just go with what it tells you. you will save hours of confusion and head-smashing this way.

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