"Necesito comprar una computadora."

Translation:I need to buy a computer.

4 months ago



Does Duo have a latin American Spanish bias? In Spain they use ordenador, not computadora. Duo uses many words not used in Spain.

4 months ago

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Yes, it does. The Spanish taught by Duolingo is a generic "Latin-American" Spanish that would be understand in many countries from Mexico to South America.

That said, vocabulary used in Spain (like ordenador) should be accepted as a correct response. If you see this kind of thing being rejected, report it with "Report a problem|My answer should be accepted" during the lesson.

4 months ago


While it is good to know the vocabulary used in spain we may want to consider which "spanish" we will typically need to use. In the US we will usually deal with latin american spanish.

2 months ago
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