Not able to report error

I was doing the English-to-Portuguese course and had the sentence "Fourteen yellow shirts" which should be translated into Portuguese. Fourteen has two spellings in Portuguese. One is mainly Brazilian "quatorze" and one is mainly European "catorze". The course is primarily in Brazilian Portuguese, but European spellings and words are normally be allowed. As I live in Portugal, I used the European spelling and answered "Catorze camisas amarelas". But I got an error message saying "You used the wrong word" and Duolingo gave me the correct answer as being "Quatorze camisas amarelas". I tried to report this, with the idea to state that my answer should have been accepted, but I was not given this alternative. I only got "The audio does not sound correct", "The Portuguese sentence is unnatural or has an error", and "The 'correct solution' is unnatural or has an error. This looks like a programming error which someone should look at.

July 26, 2018


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