"मैं काम कर रहा हूँ।"

Translation:I am working.

July 26, 2018

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In this sentence what is the purpose of कर? I thought मैं काम रहा हूँ would be fine in order to say I am working.


The verb to work in Hindi is काम करना. काम means work and करना means to do. So it literally means to do work. Some verbs in Hindi have a noun + a verb like करना.


If I get the meaning correctly कर here would mean "do" Like in "I am doing work"


In hindi, most of the verbs go with do,,, ie I am working and I am doing work are same,


Just to check. I wrote "I am doing work". It was marked incorrect, is it?


I was just about to post the same question... I am not a Hindi native speaker, but from what I understand, the verb करना means "do," so it seems that an acceptable (or even ideal) translation for this phrase would be as you suggest- "I am doing work."


Sep 2020: this is now accepted.


When the audio is female..should it not be.. meh kam kar rahi hu, instead of meh kam kar raha hu..?


Yes, I believe you are right. However, I have noticed that on Duolingo, the voices are not consistent in this aspect. On all the other languages also with gendered adjectives, verbs, etc. there is sometimes a male voice that speaks the female versions and a female voice that speaks the male versions.


Would the phrase "i am working my job" be correct in essence?


It is not something you would hear in English.
Possibly "I am working at my job."


"i am doing job" is incorrect?


In English you might hear "I am doing a/the job.


Hey i guess मैं काम कर रहा हूँ is past tense? And can "I work" be accepted if not WHY?


मैं काम कर रहा हूँ /'I am working' is in the present continuous tense. It tells you that the action of working is ongoing at the present moment.

'I work' would be मैं काम करता हूँ. It is in the simple present tense and indicates that the action of working is habitual or regular.


with the use of कर I thought this must mean doing housework, but it translated as tax, but then the correct sentence was I am working, so what was the point of कर?


'करना' is the verb 'to do'. It is frequently employed to convert nouns and adjectives into verbs. 'काम करना' is thus 'to do work'='to work'.
It has no relation to 'house' which would be 'ghar'.

In addition to being a form of the verb करना, कर is also a noun with the meaning 'tax'. So that is what the translator showed you.

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