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  5. "हम काम कर रहे हैं।"

"हम काम कर रहे हैं।"

Translation:We are working.

July 26, 2018



Or "We are doing work"?


Many Hindi verbs are formed with the verb "karna", such as स्वीकार करना (to accept), स्नान करना (to bathe), निश्चित करना (to decide), संदेह करना (to doubt), मज़ाक करना (to joke), to like (पसन्द करना). Verbs (e.g. जाना, देना, होना) help making up other verbs as well.


According to wiktionary and my poor knowledge of Hindi, "doing a work" & "working" are both translated into hindi as काम करना (kām karnā)


Yeah, if I see it again I'll try to report it, because I think "we are doing work" should be accepted. It's a natural phrasing to use in English and is a more literal way to translate the Hindi sentence, since it looks like काम is a noun.


I believe you're right that "we are doing work" is an appropriate translation, but there is no other single verb that means "to work" -- you have to say "to do work" in Hindi. So, although you are right that "we are doing work" is a valid translation, I would argue that "we are working" is usually going to be the more natural translation for this.


I agree. "We are working" is more natural.


that means that "karnaa" means "to do"?


Does that "r" also has the palatized "z" sound as an allophone?


Something like this happens often for middle class women But it's not that common besides that


What is the difference between these three words? काम कर रहे Do they all just mean "doing" continuously?


काम कर रहे basically means working (or, more literally, doing work). काम means work, कर is the verb stem of करना (to do), and रहे indicates that the verb is continuous (like adding the ending ing to a verb in English).

verb stem + रहा/रही/रहे = present continuous tense.

Perhaps the following links will help you to better understand: https://www.learning-hindi.com/post/1004288841/lesson-35-the-present-continuous-tense https://hindilanguage.info/hindi-grammar/verbals/participles/verb-stem-plus-raha/

Hope this helps!


कर kar origins from persian word kar کار the same meaning


It is the verb stem of करना, from Sanskrit करोति

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