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"I like your brown hat a lot."

Translation:Me gusta mucho tu sombrero marrón.

3 weeks ago



What is wrong with encanta?

3 weeks ago


It would make sense to a speaker, but means "love" more so than anything else. Its about context here. For example, "te amo" and "te quiero" are both different ways of saying "I love you", but with different emphasis and therefore slightly different meanings. "Te amo" means I love you (as you might say to a romantic partner) and "te quiero" means I want/love you (as you might say to relatives or maybe some close friends). Me gusta is a less emphasized version of encanta in this case. The statement here refers to "liking" something versus "loving" something which is what encanta would more closely imply. You aren't wrong, but this is maybe one of those times where there is a "best" or "most correct" answer.

3 weeks ago