Translation:It's important to be able to study.

5 months ago



"It is important being able to study," not accepted? ¡Qué barbaridad! The infinitive of the Spanish verb can be translated as a gerund in English. Reported, of course.

1 month ago

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That sounds odd to me.

1 week ago


I was loving this lesson until this statement. No one would say this in English. Not that it is technically incorrect, but it is useless. Is the Spanish sentence really trying to teach something else, like 'studying is important' and is this what the English translation should say, or is this just a ridiculous example used to meet the lesson objectives? Help.

1 month ago


I don' t agree with this translation, because it suggests the personal ability to study more than the external conditions that could not be present.

5 months ago


I don't see how it could be translated any other way. "Es importante" = "it's important"; "poder" = "to be able to"; "estudiar" = "to study"

Do you have a recommendation for an alternative translation?

4 months ago


There are other ways to translate "poder estudiar," such as "It's important to be capable of studying" and "It's important to be capable of study."

4 months ago
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