"मैं पीती हूँ और मैं खाती हूँ।"

अनुवाद:I drink and I eat.

May 1, 2014

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Why "I drinks"? 'I' is not singular


"I" is singular, it refers to just one person. Please read the discussion above.


I drinks and i eats


Where should drinks use and where should drink


When we are using "he", "she", "it" or talking about a single person (like "the woman") or a single thing (like "the dog"), we must add a final -s to the verb. All other situations do not use a final -s on the verb. Here's what the conjugations look like...

  • I eat - मैं खाता हूँ
  • we eat - हम खाते हैं
  • you eat - तुम खाते हो
  • he eats - वह खाता है
  • she eats - वह खाती है
  • it eats - वह खाता है
  • they eat - वे खाते हैं

Notice that he, she and it are the only ones that have a final -s. Here are some other examples

  • the woman eats - औरत खाती है (just one woman so we add -s)
  • the women eat - औरतें खाती हैं (more than one woman so we don't add -s)
  • the dog eats - कुत्ता खाता है (just one dog so we add -s)
  • the dogs eat - कुत्ते खाते हैं (more than one dog so we don't add -s)

Finally: the verb "to have" is a little unusual and uses a slightly different rule. We never say "haves". Instead we use the word "has". It still follows the same pattern. For example:

  • I have an apple - मेरे पास एक सेब है
  • we have an apple - हमारे पास एक सेब है
  • you have an apple - तुम्हारे पास एक सेब है
  • he/she/it has an apple - उसके पास एक सेब है
  • they have an apple - उनके पास एक सेब है
  • the woman has an apple - औरत के पास एक सेब है (just one woman so we use has)
  • the women have an apple - औरतों के पास ए सेब है (more than one woman so we use have)


a simple mnemonic is that when the noun is singular (no S) the verb is plural(ends in S) and when the noun is plural the verb is singular (no S at end) except for I. He/horse (singular) eats (S in end) . they /Horses(plural ) eat (no S in end)


I think the answer should i drink nd eat..i think there is same subjct then we can use only one time...is am right or not

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