Please, fix tinycards

By the second deck it's a problem

-Card: You read -Answer: leggi -(Correct answer)

-Card: You read -Answer: leggi -(Incorrect answer) -Correct answer is: leggete

It's simple.. For ones like this, put "you read (plural)" or "you read (singular)" or you/you all

6 months ago


I would also recommend to add subject pronouns to the verbs.
Besides being more correct (from a grammatical point of view), if the language can be reversed, a card featuring simply leggi would make me think of "laws" (a plural noun), unless I found tu leggi (→ "you read"), or leggi! (→ "read!").

6 months ago

Ugh, I have the same problem. French, Spanish, Italian... they're all the same. Thanks for bringing it up, I've never really thought about posting it on the forum, I've just always got on with it. One good thing is that you can select "I was correct" once the card is flipped.

6 months ago

THANK YOU. I just came to check if I was missing something (like some tiny text that tells me whether they are looking for plural or singular). It seems like labels would be a relatively simple fix for something that is a bit frustrating.

6 months ago
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