"चूहे किताब में हैं ।"

Translation:The rats are in the book.

July 26, 2018

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Physically inside the book? Or mentioned textually in the book? Does the grammar indicate either? hehe


In this sentence, no. But yes there are other ways to form a sentence if you to specify if the mice are actually 'inside' or 'on' the book


I wonder if there's the same degree of ambiguity in this sentence in both English and Hindi - the preferred English translation definitely implies rats physically inside the book rather than a book about rats, but a previous sentence, 'The book has cows and dogs', had a similar construction (using में - I tried ke pas and was marked wrong), and definitely implied a book about cows and dogs. Some clarification from a fluent speaker would be great.


Why not "there are rats in the book"? Is that not correct or it is another sentence?


Does Hindi not distinguish between rats and mice?


Not as far as I know. We use the same word for both.


No. They often use one word for two things like choohaa (mouse or rat) and neemboo (lemon or lime).


Why are the lessons so repetitive. When I say that its because its about the same dog and the same rat, in the same condition or situation. Lol. Couldnt they at least give us new words to learn. Duolingo you need to work on this please.


"Duolingo," in this case, is a group of amateur (in the best sense) contributors, who understood Hindi and English well enough to put together a course. I agree with you that much more vocabulary would be good, but much more of everything in this course would be good. I suspect they were rushed into releasing the course, and I hope they, or other contributors, are able to expand the tree and each lesson soon.


It's great to have these courses for free. Some are better than others. Some sentence choices do seem very strange!


Sometimes the contributors' English is quite idiosyncratic. If it bothers you too much, you can take a break and come back when it is out of beta. I've done that with a couple of the programs.


I am grateful to the people that put what must have been hours and hours of voluntary work towards making Hindi available on Duo. Also, I find learning new languages difficult and therefore benefit from the endless repititions.


How would you write in Hindi 'There are rats in the book' since that translation was incorrect?


To write "There are rats in the book", you would switch "rats" and "in the book" in the sentence:

चूहे किताब में हैं । Rats are in the book. किताब में चूहे हैं । There are rats in the book.

There is another sentence in this lesson that shows this grammar point:

घास में चूहे हैं । There are rats in the grass.

I hope this helps!


I asked the same question... a few comments avobe about a month ago... still no answer :D


Can we say on the book... Does in the book make sense??.. another question..do you get oral exercises ... I am only getting listening and typing!


I wrote "There are mice in the book" but it was rejected. I'd argue that it's also a correct translation.


No this translation is quite wrong. There are mice in the book would be किताब में चूहे हैं।


“There are rats in the book” would cover both meanings (a book about rats and rats have made the book their home). The translation should be accepted.


What does this mean ?


God damm rats ate the book!!


"on" the book would be wrong?


That would be using postposition "par" instead of "men" -> किताब पर


Why doesn't Duo accept " The book has rats " even though the hint primarily indicates " has " for " हैं "?


Why rats can't be 'on the' book


There are rats in the book

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