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  5. "Their house is in India."

"Their house is in India."

Translation:उनका घर भारत में है।

July 27, 2018



Why does 'unke' not apply to this sentence?


Here 'भारत' takes the oblique case, not 'घर', so उनका is not inflected.


Why does 'bharat' take the oblique case? The object of the sentence is 'ghar'


The object of the postposition में, which is what takes the oblique case, is the part of the sentence that answers the question 'किस में?'/'In what?'. So, it's भारत.


I think it should be - " उनका घर भारत में हैं। " bcoz when we r ending the sentence we should always say हैं not है


No. It is है in this case because it is conjugating with घर which is singular here.

'Their houses are in India' would be उनके घर भारत में हैं where the plural form हैं is used because of the plural घर (houses).


I did the same mistake


is उनका the plural version of उसका ?


yes. उनका = their उसका = his/her


Dear god, this clears up a lot of my confusion. Much thanks.


Yes and it can also be used for respectable people (eg grandfather) His(friend's) house -> उसका घर Their(friends') house -> उनका घर His(grandfather's) house -> उनका घर


doesn't the ending, है, refer to "their" in this case? Shouln't it then be हैं instead of है since "their" is plural? Or does it refer to the house, that it is only one house?


It refers to the house. And yes, the house is singular, therefore है is used


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I still need a little bit of explanation (just to get this right) as to why 'their' as more than one (plural) is not then 'unke' rather than 'unka' ?? Is it because 'ghar' is singular? If for example, I were to say 'Their sons are in India'... would it be 'unke bete bharat mes hein' ?


Correct. You choose between unka/unki/unke based on the gender and number of the possessed quantity.

'Ghar' is masculine singular so 'their house' is 'unka ghar'.
'Their sons' would be 'unke bete' and 'their daughter' would be 'unki beti'.


Is anyone at Duo paying attention to comments? There are sounds on the APP that consistently have no audio and I regularly flag them but no one seems to be reading those and fixing the problem, so I'm posting here, too.


why hindustan is not correct? it's another name for India, i'm sure about it


To quote Quora, in part: "Bharat is commonly agreed to be the first person to rule the whole of India in its entirety, and thus the most patriotic of Ancient Indian culture prefer their indigenous name. The leftist parties, like Indian National Congress, use the international name. The centre-right nationalistic parties prefer Bharat, such as the Bharatiya Janata Party (United India Party)."

The Arabs call it Al-Hind; the Persians call it Hindustan (hind-for Hindu, the dominant religion, and -stan, meaning country; and the Greeks added the suffix -a to the end of words to indicate a country (chin +a = China, [H]ind+a became India). I lived in Northern India for three years, and I variously heard it call Hindustan, occasionally Bharat, and when it was Independence Day, we would shout "Jai Hind!" Go figure.

Basically, it's a political thing. Even Hindi and Urdu are tightly intertwined, but differences in script, some words, and some grammar differences, but you can speak and understand each other) and often it can be called Hindustani.

I agree that both ought to be acceptable. It depends on where you are in India as to which word you might use.


that's interesting. so would calling it bharat have political connotations?


Not inherently. What MamaLloyd is talking about is just preference of certain groups for a certain name and one-off usage doesn't really tell you anything.
It also depends on what language you are speaking. Saying Bharat or Hindustan while speaking English might suggest you are trying to make some point but both names are natural in Hindi. As an example, the Indian National Congress calls itself भारतीय राष्ट्रीय कांग्रेस in Hindi.

It's also interesting you've bought this up today. There is a petition the country's supreme court is going to hear tomorrow about changing the official name of the country (in English) from India to Bharat.
Currently, 'Republic of India' is the official English name and भारत गणराज्य the official Hindi name.


Thank you Vinay. great reply


Explain the difference between unka, unke and unki


See Vinay92 above... that response will give you the explanation.


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What's the difference between "Unka" & "Unki"


You use 'unka' if the word following it is masculine singular, 'unke' if it is masculine plural and 'unki' if it is plural.
'Ghar' is masculine so 'unka' has been used.


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When to use unke and unkeee


You use UNAKA where the object is masculine singular. e.g. Unaka ghar bhaarat mein hai (their house is in India). You use UNAKEE when the object is feminine singular. e.g. Unakee billee badee hai (their cat is big). You use UNKE when the object is masculine plural. e.g. Unake ghar bhaarat mein hain. (their houses are in India). And you also use Unkee when the object is feminine plural. e.g. Unakee billiyaan badee hain. (their cats are big). ()


Need difference between unka and unki

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