"मैं शहर में रहता हूँ।"

Translation:I live in the city.

July 27, 2018

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I played this sentence for about 10 times now... I hear "मैं शेहेर में रेहेता हूँ", is the audio correct?


From the little I've read about Hindi pronunciation, the inherent vowel does indeed 'misbehave' in the vicinity of ह.



When an "h" is surrounded by two short "a" sounds like in बहन or शहर , it the a's become more like e's.


Its 'शहर' to write but when you get the hang of it (im saying this cuz im a native speaker) then u cant actually pronounce in like 'Shahar' every now and then, so we are used to it and also pronounce it as 'sheher'... its just a mispronouncing habit of naturally fluent people (Please dont take it as some inspiration :"D ). But the spelling remains the same as 'शहर' there are no chages cuz you're learning it more purely (pure= शुद्ध in hindi)


Yes. The audio is correct.

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