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  5. "क्या तुम खेलोगे?"

"क्या तुम खेलोगे?"

Translation:Will you play?

July 27, 2018


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So, if I want to say: "What will you play" I would just invert the first two words "तुम क्या खेलोगे? ", right?

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क्या best translation is "what" so the logic in the translation given above is not obvious. I think native speakers of Hindi probably use such meaning as learned and this is an idiomatic translation.

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It is not idiomatic. क्या has two uses and it is 'what' in only one of them. When used as 'what', क्या should always be placed before a verb.

This is an example of the second usage where क्या is used to convert a statement into a yes/no question. Any statement can be converted to a yes/no question by placing a क्या at the beginning. For example, मैं नब्बे साल का हूँ। (I am ninety years old) becomes क्या मैं नब्बे साल का हूँ? (Am I ninety years old?), तुम रोज़ पढ़ते हो। (You study every day) becomes क्या तुम रोज़ पढ़ते हो? (Do you study every day?)


many thanks for the detailed clarification

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