"पीटर गाता था ।"

Translation:Peter used to sing.

July 27, 2018

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OK, how do I say the direct past: 'Peter sang'


पीटर ने गाया ।


Nice explanation, thanks


I'm not understanding why this means "used to sing" and not just the past simple "sang". Every resource I look at seems to say that past simple in Hindi is achieved by adding "+ता था" (m.) to the verb root. That should be the case here as well, shouldn't it?


I see based on your other question that you are now on the 'Past 2' lesson ao you have probably already got your answer.
But just to add it here for anyone else stumbling into this discussion, the 'verb root+ता था' (for masc. sing.) tense is not the past indefinite (simple past). It is the habitual past tense used to talk about habits and repeated actions from the past.
The simple past tense is (with some exceptions) 'verb root + आ/या' (for masc. sing).

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