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"Please put the painting here."


July 27, 2018



I think DL wants us to use the 吧 structure which requires the object come before the verb. If we were to put 画 at the end, then that would create a standard subject-verb-object structure sentence which does not require 吧。 In theory something like 请在这里放画 may work but again I think DL is looking for 吧 structure。 However, 请在这里把放画 would be grammatically incorrect because the吧 structure requires the object come before the verb.

I believe the 吧 structure usage is intended to place emphasis on other parts of the sentence besides the object, and to address the rule that you can't put an object right after a verb, and then put other modifiers of the verb after the object. So, in this example, using the 吧 emphasizes the location这里, and not the object 画。 Hope that helps.



You're right, good explanation.


But why are 请在这里放画 and 请放画在这里 incorrect answers?


Exactly, whatever DL 'wants' there is no reason why one has to use 把 here. There is nothing in the grammar that suggests any need to stress the painting.


Why 画 can't be in the end of the sentence?


Why can 这里 be at the end of the sentence here?


As for the painting - please put it here :)


I think that's a good way to think about it. Especially so for people who also speak or study Japanese or Korean.


Or a more relevant query, why can't we highlight and copy stuff from here on a tablet, in order to try to analyse it elsewhere ? Blooming awkward.


Although not really relevant to the discussion of this sentence.


Why is bă in this sentence please.

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