"क्या तू जा रही थी?"

Translation:Were you going?

July 27, 2018

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So I suppose "Where were you going?" is wrong?


Indeed. Consider -

तू जा रही थी - you were going

क्या तू जा रही थी - were you going? (putting क्या at the start turns a statement into a question).

तू कहाँ जा रही थी - where were you going? (we have used the word कहाँ - where).


Yes, this lack of कहाँ clears my doubt :) Thanks!


Where means कहाँ


Should "Were you leaving?" also be accepted?


I would argue, "yes".

Wiktionary gives four definitions for जाना. The first is "to go, leave, depart". https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%E0%A4%9C%E0%A4%BE%E0%A4%A8%E0%A4%BE

And GT turned "were you leaving" into "क्या आप जा रहे थे?"


Totally. I mean this is what I would say in Hindi to someone I know.


wh words in English make question in English... what, where, when, etc similarly hindi has words when used in the starting of a sentence makes it a question. क्या what क्यों why कैसे how कब when कहाँ where कितना how much// how many and there conjugation with masculin, feminine and neutral too...


How would you say "Did you go?"


Something like क्या तुम गए I think.


This is actually quite informal


Agreed. I cringe every time a lesson uses तू because there is no lesson earlier on that teaches the three second-person pronouns and when they are appropriate vs. not.

According to my college professor who was from Benares, तू is appropriately used only very diminutively -- to children or animals, or to people with whom you have an extremely close relationship: he said, "your mother or your goddess". (I assume it would also be appropriate with your romantic partner, but my prof was a bit conservative and didn't even give us vocabulary for "boyfriend" or "girlfriend", much less "lover" or "partner".) Using it outside such contexts would sound exceptionally insulting as far as I understand; like, maybe you would use it for swearing at people in traffic for example. :P


Actually I find it very disrespectful


Where means कहाँ


I think its make me confused...

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