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"Syn čte zajímavější knihy než manžel."

Translation:My son reads more interesting books than my husband.

July 27, 2018



Technically "my" is incorrect in both cases, the sentence can refer to some abstract son and husband


It is implicitly understood as můj or náš syn. It could also be tvůj or váš in the right context. English needs some qualification here.


I checked the word bank to assure it was “my” husband and not “his”, as I wasn't sure which would be more natural to assume. Maybe I am impaired as a native speaker of German and English, so that I am used to adding every poss. pronoun next to a noun, but I would not have detected a more natural assumption for the relation. I found it rather tricky and would have thought that the toleration of both options could be added if it hadn't been so yet.


Alright. Děkuji!


What about the son and the husband in a case where one is doing a summary for a story of some kind ?


"the son" and "the husband" is also accepted.

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