"I am done here!"

Translation:Já tady končím!

July 27, 2018

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It can't be: "Tady jsem skončil"?


I wonder what an equivalent english expression would be, still in the present tense. LATER EDIT: 'I am finished here.' ('done' and 'through' sound american). I understand 'I am done here' to mean 'I quit' or 'This job is complete'. So it seems to be a vague expression.


I struggle with the english grammar. It is regional idiom. So 'done' is an adjective. 'Be done with that!' comes to mind as a usage of 'done'. (Note the 'with'.) Otherwise, 'I have finished here' is how I would correct the statement. Past tense. The czech seems to convey something like 'I am stopping here'. 'I choose to stop here' is something we want to say in any language. French comes to my mind. BTW I'd like to share these, as I previously could not find such quality tools.



Before I get hit with statistics (from someone else in Duo) like those here, I point out the sites are american http://blog.esllibrary.com/2013/09/12/is-it-correct-to-say-im-done/ https://www.grammarphobia.com/blog/2012/06/done-finish.html


I am not sure I understand what you are asking. Equivalent translation of... it is translated above.. What am I missing here?


I like the iconic 'It is done'. (But not as a translation.)


Do you mean John 19:30?

"It is finished."

"Dokonáno jest."

"Je dokončeno."

"Je dokonáno."

But Christ uttering "I am done here!" or "Já tady končím!" would be very interesting indeed :)


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"Done" mám spojeno spíš s hotový. Jsem(I'm) tu hotov, nebo hotový.


"Ja teď končím." I'm done, out, (whatever) now or here. Although not word by word meaning the same? Thx


Opinion: "I am done here" and "I am done now" are not interchangeable, just like "here" and "now" are not interchangeable, in either language. After all, this is a translation exercise.


but "i am ending here." is more than strange! : )


"Jsem pryč!" Also not word by word, same meaning? Thx


Opinion: In English, I would not view "I am gone" and "I am done here" as equivalent sentences, and I wouldn't expect them to be considered equivalent in Czech, given that this is a translation exercise.

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