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how to get two people on the same computer

Hi I had been using Duolingo for 6 months or so, and my wife had been using Duolingo on her kindle. When she signed in on my computer into Duolingo now all that comes up when I open the Duolingo app, is her account. Mine had now disapeared. I took the app off, but when re-opened on the internet the app always opens on her account.

Any suggestions please, can I get another person on the same computer or remove my wifes account?

May 1, 2014



Have you tried logging out and logging in with your account info yet?


You need to sign out and sign in with your account. It sounds like that is the issue! Try that and let us know if you're still encountering issues. You can't be logged in at the same time.


As you are talking about an app, may I assume, that your computer ist running either android or ios?

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