"I want more food."

Translation:मुझे और खाना चाहिए।

July 27, 2018

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For learning this is OK.. But to be humble may add please at the end.. In hindi the word shall add at start.. the word is kripiya कृपया


What is the difference between "aur" and "ziada"?


This sentence is pretty rude but isnt चाहिए rude in general? Irl i would at least add "please" in sentences with चाहिए.


How does चाहिए sounds rude?? Can some native Hindi speaker clarify it please?


Hmm.. i don't get the context of your query But चाहिए is a demand, it cannot sound like a request It can sound like 'I need more food!' So is that what you meant?


What is meaning of और And what is meaning of ओर


ओर is towards. मैं तेरी ओर जा रहा हूं। I'm moving towards you. और can be "and" or "more". तूम और मैं ... You and I ... मुझे और खाना चाहिए . I want more food.


Teri aur ja raha hun is technically wrong It translates to 'I am going towards you' it should be आ रहा हूँ


Aur means and / more Aor means direction


What is difference between और and ओर ?

I think और to use for and ओर to use for more May somebody confirm.. And duo to fix the mistake...


मुझको और खाना चाहिए marked incorrect, but Snell’s book teaches this form. Any one have any ideas of the difference? Everywhere else says मुझसे and मुझको are interchangeable.

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