"यह मेरा घर नहीं है।"

Translation:This is not my house.

July 27, 2018

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Why "This house is not mine" is not acceptable ?


Your sentence will be translated as: "ये घर मेरा नहीं है।"


This is my not house


And you may tell yourself, "यह मेरा सुन्दर घर नहीं है!"

And you may tell yourself, "यह मेरी सुन्दर पत्नी नहीं है!"


You win the Lingots! Everytime this sentence comes up i think of this


I came here to make the exact same reference.


How are the words ordered in Hindi? In English "this is not my house" but hovering over the Hindi words, it looks like the order would be "This my house not is". Obviously "this my house not is" order wouldn't make sense in English, so what I want to know is, if I wanted to say "this is not my house" and was trying to think of the Hindi for that, how would I figure out the order of the words is "यह मेरा घर नहीं है।" rather than "यह है नहीं मेरा घर"? Is there a rule? Or do I just need to have experience hearing the correct word order for every sentence I may want to say?


Hindi is a subject-object-verb (SOV) language, meaning that the "usual" syntax will place the subject (the doer of an action) first, the object (any thing that receives the action) next, and the verb (the action or state of being) last. This may change in cases of emphasis, or for poetic reasons.

Hindi does have a unique setup concerning auxiliary verbs, but still, all the verbs go to the end of the sentence, with some form of होना (हूं/हो/है/हैं) at the very end.


Actually bro, you are right!!! But we have to think and translate answers for full sentence not each word. Duo only shows a hint of the word's meaning in the drop-down when we click. It's just giving you an idea of what the meaning of that word is.... It's how duo works.


It's not yaha it's yeh!


In Hindi it's yaya... It means here


Why is "this is not my home" unacceptable when in other examples from this lesson घर means home?

It's obvious by the question that the desired answer is house and not home. However, I'm curious as to why both answers aren't valid?


भारत मेरा घर है। - https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/29585627

वह तेरा घर नहीं है। - https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/30366371


Pronounsiation is wrong


This is my house


This is my house


When you are a native hindi speaker but you still want to know how good you can speak hindi


In this sentence what is the first person possessive?


the keyboard typing words should not be case sensitive.


This is not my house


Bar bar aatak kyu jata ha


Oo man come on!!!...... what is the different between home and house?? Answer = Home means, which "we live in lovely, friendly and helpfully. This is what home

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