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"Ο πατέρας είναι νεότερος από την μητέρα."

Translation:The father is younger than the mother.

July 27, 2018



I am confused: in another lesson I learned that you have to OMIT the "ν" in front of several consonants including "μ" and here we are with the expression "από την μητέρα". Is this correct or What I learned in another lesson is wrong?? It is VERY frustrating to learn something and then find a contradiction in another lesson.


The course is inconsistent with this rule and it's not possible to change the Greek sentences from which you have to translate.


I understand that but my point is WHAT is the correct rule?? I assume that the correct expression is "από τη μητέρα". Please just confirm this.


Currently, the rule stands as follows:
The final ν is retained in feminine articles/pronouns and δε(ν), μη(ν) before vowels and the following consonants / combinations: π, κ, τ, ψ, ξ, μπ, ντ, γκ, τσ, τζ.
The final ν is always retained in masculine articles/pronouns, to differentiate it from the neuter ones.

So από τη μητέρα is correct.

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