"यह तेरी किताब है।"

Translation:This is your book.

July 27, 2018

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should the question inform if it refers to a female ?


No. The possessive (तेरी in this case) always refers to the thing being possessed. Here, since किताब is a feminine noun, तेरी is your choice. तेरा is used for singular masculine nouns, and तेरे is used for plural masculine nouns.


How does the Book refers to thr feminine noun?


Hindi has grammatical gender which is not the same as biological gender, same as German, Spanish, and many other languages. English also used to have grammatical gender several hundred years ago but eventually lost it.

Every noun in Hindi is termed "masculine" or "feminine" depending on the behavior it forces on adjectives and verbs you use with it. Sometimes the assignment makes sense (आदमी is masculine, महिला is feminine) but not always.

The theory in the case of Indo-European languages like Hindi, Spanish, German, etc. is their ancestor (termed Proto-Indo-European) had two noun classes, "animate" and "inanimate". This is an extremely common distinction present in languages around the world today. At some point, linguists theorize, the animate class split into masculine and feminine, leaving three noun classes.

Some languages, like Latin and Old English, kept the three-way distinction. Others collapsed the inanimate noun class into the masculine/feminine system resulting in things like feminine books and masculine mangoes. Over time, in English it eroded away except in third-person pronouns, which still keep the three-way masculine/feminine/inanimate distinction.

Compared to other languages, Hindi's noun system is quite simple. Zulu has sixteen noun classes!


Thank you for explaining


Why is "your" feminine? Is it because "book" is feminine? Would "your" stay in the female form even if I am speaking to a man in this situation?


Yes. When dealing with possessive pronouns, the pronoun has to match the gender (and number) of the object that belongs to him/her/it.


This is a informal sentence.


Is it incorrect to translate this as "This book is yours"?


why "Theri" ??


What is you problem duolingo everytime tear and tera

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