"मैं नौ बजे सोऊँगा।"

Translation:I will sleep at nine o'clock.

July 27, 2018



go to sleep? ("I will sleep at [time]" doesn't make a whole lot of sense in my dialect of English at least.)

July 27, 2018


I think the issue here is that the Hindi sentence is a bit odd/unnatural, and then the English translation is trying to be super literal so we can learn the grammatical constructions (as opposed to learning natural speech). Does that makes sense?

To say I will go to sleep, you can say मैं सो जाऊँगा. However, I think that construction is too "advanced" for the current DL Hindi tree. I'd guess that if they wanted to teach "go to sleep" they would use that, but all they wanted to do was teach the basic future tense and they grabbed a verb, "to sleep" and VOILA! : "will sleep" :)

July 27, 2018


What's wrong with writing 9:00 instead of spelling it out?

November 5, 2018
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