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  5. "चूहे छोटे हैं ।"

"चूहे छोटे हैं "

Translation:The rats are small.

July 27, 2018



Why is "rats are small" wrong?


because for a general statement of that kind (i. e., in the sense of "all rats are small") you would insert hote (masculine plural of hotâ) between cuhe and haî.


So hota/hoti/hote is used for general statements, basically when "vahe(?)/jehe(?)" is missing?

How to see if a statement is general or just plural?


Then make your examples consistent. The last one I did was the same construction and when I put in "The dogs are...", It said, another answer was, "Dogs are...," Allowing it in one makes us think we can simplify it in others, but that wasn't true here...


I got it right 3/8/20


Why is "The rats are short" incorrect?


Because only people are short, animals are small.

I fell for the same mistake so i had to look it up.


Sometimes the vowel mark above is 'o', and sometimes the same mark is 'ay'; how do we know when it is one or the other. This is very confusing to me, can someone help?


Could Duo kindly explain when "chuhe" should be translated as 'Rats' and when 'Mice". Its very confusing when one or the other is sometimes right, and the next moment it's wrong.


cuhâ means "rat" and "mouse", according to context (Arabic, too, does not make a distinction between the two). So, unless the right choice becomes clear from the context, Duolingo should kindly accept both.


Why is "The rats are black" wrong

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