Duo lingo program has errors.

I have been using Duolingo for Spanish for a long time and have recently added the French program.

The heart health is the same for both, therefore when I have almost used up my health in Spanish and then go to the French program I am limited to the number of errors I can make before I must buy more heart health.

My second issue is that sometimes the answer I have given is correct but is marked as incorrect. A spelling of a word may be equally correct in more than one way depending on where one is from. For instance, neighbor/neighbour. With this spelling I was penalized 3 or 4 times today. I would change to the other spelling and then would be marked incorrectly with that one. Duolingo offered the spelling of neighbor's as correct and when I chose it - marked incorrect. This is very frustrating .

Third complaint/issue. When I buy more heart health so that I can continue the lesson the screen stays sideways. When I have heart health it should be upright and easy to read. Can this be remedied?

I do hope to continue with Duolingo and have always recommended it highly but this is changing my mind about Duolingo. Very disappointing!

4 months ago


I hope this isn't offensive, but instead of purchasing Health, just do a practice lesson for any of your previous skills. It might seem tedious, but it never hurts and it'll up your Health in no time. Please don't feel discouraged.

As to your other two subjects, please enter bug tickets for them so that they might be addressed. Although this forum is good for venting our spleens, so to speak, it probably will get passed over by the DL team.

Good luck in your pursuits. NTK

4 months ago
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The real solution is to move away from the IOS tapping app.

Either use the web portal with typing (full desktop mode) or try the Android app.
Both have no health (for Android there is a higher chance >50% that you don't get it as a BETA A/B test, see their Health FAQ in the Help).

I think it is actually easier to learn multiple languages on the same account (you do not have to sign out / sign in).

However, if you really need to use the IOS apps, maybe it would be better to create multiple accounts and split French, so you have a "French health" exclusively on a 2nd account.

4 months ago

Thanks Thomas...I appreciate your response.

4 months ago

I never buy health. What I do is if I have lost any bars during a lesson I refill them by practicing. But I have a really great system. I do all my topics in order one by one and bring them to level 5 gold before moving on to the next topic. Currently I am on my 24th topic along my tree. Everytime I need to refill my health I do back to the topics I have done and practice them. However, i have a system. I would start by practicing my very first topic for about 5 times, after that I go to my second topic I ever did and practice there untiil it adds up to about 5 practice lessons and I keep moving up the tree with my practices. Because the practices move along faster then the topic that I am actually working on. Eventually the practice position catches up to where I am currently working and then with the practices I go back to the first topic and start working my way back again. This way I am always learning sometime new and reviewing old material at the same time. You also get 10 XPs for your practice lesson too. If works amazingly well for me. Try that. Sometimes if I’m only down one health bar I will continue to the next new lesson but if i’m down 2 bars I am practicing to bring it right back up to full. The only time I ever buy health is if for some reason I am having a miserable time and I have made 5 mistakes on one single lesson and I am in the middle of the lesson. Then I will buy them so I don’t lose the progress I have already made on that lesson. But that barely ever happens. Try me way out and see if it help but your health and your learning. Good luck

4 months ago

Thank you very much. Seems like a good plan and helps learning too. Great idea!!

4 months ago
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