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  5. "तेरी बहन सेब खाती है।"

"तेरी बहन सेब खाती है।"

Translation:Your sister eats apples.

July 27, 2018



Since there isn't a definite article in Hindi, can't I say "your sister eats the apple/apples"?


Does she eat a little bit of that apple each day? :)

My point is, the tense is in the habitual aspect, so it suggests we are talking about apples generally rather than any specific apples.

Ultimately, it really doesn't matter from the standpoint of Hindi. If you want to make sure the sense of THE apples is conveyed, you can say /ve seb/, which may look like "those apples," but which will means "those apples [which are under discussion]"...i.e. the apples :)


So those are the apples that we are talking about. Whew!


If you use "the" then it means that you are talking of some specific apple/s then the sentence would be- तेरी बहन सेब/सेबों को खाती है|


I had thought the word for sister was "didi" (dee-dee)? I'd never heard this word for sister before. I am wondering why I thought this was the word...


दीदी is older sister (or a respectful term for a young woman) and बहन is younger sister.



Bahan (बहन) is a generic word for sister, can also be used while addressing your sister, no matter elder or younger.

Didi (दीदी) is when you call your elder sister (people sometimes also use this while calling elder girls/ladies with respect)


Wait, how do I know whether it's "appleS" (plural), not "(the) apple" (singular)? "सेब" can be both singular and plural, can't it? And है agrees with "बहन", not "सेब", right? I would literally translate this as: "Your (feminine, refers to "sister") sister apple (OR apples?!) eat (feminine, refers to "sister") is".


The verb would be in plural form if it was plural! :) Verbs have both a singular and plural form in Hindi!


The verb would not be in the plural, as the subject तेरी बहन is still singular.


These are not the apples you're looking for!


Till now सेब was always translated singular. Is there no different variation when it is beeing used as plural?


सेब is both singular and plural.


What's wrong with "तेरा" , I think "तेरा" and "तेरी" both are correct answers because in the question , it is not clear whom we are addressing for


It takes the latter form for the (f.) sister - not for the person being addressed.

Similarly mera brother whether or not I'm (the speaker is) male - because brother is.


I wonder why "the apple" isn't accepted... It's not wrong because in most languages that have no definite articles the word "the" is implied... I also have learned from my on and off trying to learn Hindi that if you need "an/a" not just implied then using "एक/ek" before it works. Like "तेरी बहन एक सेब खाती है ।/Tere bahan ek seb khatee hai." Since "A/An" in English denotes there being only one of the object!


I guess that's how you know that the apples are plural


it didn't accept "your sister eats an apple". I just reported it.


According to u all do u think that this app is showing correct meaning for everything?


Here apple is singular


Your sister eats an apple is right because at a time she eats only one apple.


Why is tera behen wrong?



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