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  5. "ngIngbe' yomIj 'ej ruSbe'."

"ngIngbe' yomIj 'ej ruSbe'."

Translation:The neutron is not negatively charged and it is not positively charged.

July 27, 2018



The English translation is not correct. It says, "neutrons are not negatively and positively charged" which is not correct. It should say, "neutrons are not negatively or positively charged."


Actually I would argue that the best English sentence for the reality of the situation is that, "Neutrons are neither negatively nor positively charged." But fortunately English allows a lot of flexibility in how we express ourselves and the given English translation is also acceptable as a translation and correct as a statement about reality. What support do you have for saying that it is not correct?


He's right: one would not say not negatively and positively charged; one says not negatively or positively charged (or the phrase you gave).


It seems to me, like the English way of saying what I think you're trying to say is neither negatively charged nor positively charged. I like the currently proposed translation best though, as far as a literal translation.

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