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"Quantum theory is about tiny particles."

Translation:pay'anmey machqu' bop 'otlhQeD.

July 27, 2018



For this sentence, it is requiring QeD. Wouldn't nger work or maybe be more correct?


The English is misleading you. Quantum theory is not actually a theory, but rather a name of a whole field of study. The translation is correct. You should instead be complaining, to the people who name it "Quantum theory", that they are misusing the word "theory".


Sure, it's a theory. We all know the scientific definition of theory, right?

However, 'otlh nger means photon theory. 'otlh does not mean quantum, it means photon. The reason 'otlhQeD means quantum theory or quantum physics is that it literally means photon science, science of photons. The behavior of photons is governed by quantum physics. The phrase 'otlhQeD is given to us as correct, therefore we must accept it. The phrase 'otlh nger is not, so we can only interpret it literally.

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