"ये लोग बहुत बड़े हैं।"

Translation:These people are very old.

July 27, 2018

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I think it is incorrect to use 'bade' as old, 'budhe' is correct.


बड़े (bade) is used in multiple settings while comparing ages, height, social status, property, prosperity, importance etc. here बड़े (bade) symbolizes big which literally means "big in context of age" and is a respectful adjective where age difference is not a big deal. if you use budhe then that means the bigger person is too old than the speaker. and this word is rather not used often when comparing ages but instead while describing ages as an adjective. also, budhe is a more disrespectful comparison for comparing age and is never used in a formal and respectful setting. also, when used as an adjective budhe means old and wise and sometimes if described by a young person to an old person then it could mean that the person is too old than what is acceptable. moreover, budhe is used to describe someone who is old, has lived for many years and is no longer young. badhe when used as an adjective describes a grown up, adult. so the sentence literally means that the persons are grown up and very big in age with comparison to the speaker/subject but are not a very old persons


ये लोग उम्र में बड़े हैं.


I agree with you... Here bade means big .. If old then budha or budhe shall be mean it..


thank you. I found that as well.


How are we supposed to know if 'bada' means 'old' or 'big'?


Going Hindi to English, you would infer 'big' vs. 'old' from context.

I'm just another student like you, so take what's next with a grain of salt.

Going the other way around, I'd suggest using बूढ़ा to to say a person is 'old' (i.e. no comparison). It conveys respect in a way बड़ा doesn't seem to. Seeing बहुत बड़ा struck me as a bit less respectful.

बड़ा seems to be fine to use for people's age when used in a comparative sense, like 'my big brother', 'he is older than me', etc.

Above is based on what I've seen in Duolingo so far and in modest outside learning.

Side note: never use पुराना for people. It's only used for 'stuff'.


बूढ़ा and बड़ा both can be respectful and disrepectful. it always depends on the context. however, we can be assured that bade means respectful most of the time while बूढ़ा means disrespectful most of the time unless it is used in a formal setting to describe an old and wise person who needs to be respected because of his age.


you wouldn't say 'purane'?


I think that's used for objects (eg. purana qila) - for eldery people I would use 'बूढ़े'.


Why not this one: These people are very large???


My Hindi native speaking husband says that your translation is right, and the Duolingo translation of "old" is wrong.


बड़े, not बड़ी ?


In general context, बडे़ always agrees with वे unless the context makes it clear that all the persons in वे लोग are all ladies.

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    Curious why they didn't use बूढ़ा here


    Because they're rude. :-)


    This needs to be correct Big means बडें and Old means बूढ़े


    ये लोग उम्र में बड़े हैं - sounds better since it specifies age.


    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ is happening in hindi course, lots of plotholes

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