"Leur chien est sale."

Translation:Their dog is dirty.

March 28, 2013

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Does anyone else have a difficult time hearing the difference between "le" and "leur" in these sentences? I know it's "leur" only because of the lesson context.


Yes, I do too. It's very hard for me to hear the "r" even when listening to it on slow speed.


I struggle hearing the difference between 'les' and 'leurs' and also 'seule' and 'sale'. I thought that this dog was alone and on the previous post, that a wife was dirty!


"Leur chien est seule." Subtle difference in pronunciation . . .


could it be "Leur chienne est sale"?


what difference in pronunciation between "sale" - dirty and "salle" - room


With language you have to have your wits about you. Sale is an adjective, salle is a noun. 'The dog is room' doesn't make sense, and you can always tell a noun in French because articles are almost always included. 'Leur chien est une salle.' - Their dog is a room. It doesn't make sense but it is grammatically correct.

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