Reporting on multiple choice questions

Multi-choice questions do not have the reporting option "my translation should be accepted". As an instance, one of many, given the sentence "I am in the production department" I assumed it meant 'employed' and therefore I used 'soy', rather than 'visiting it currently' which would use 'estoy'. I was marked wrong and wanted to report that my answer, given a plausible context, should be accepted. For most types of question this is possible - please add it to multi-choice ones as well.

6 months ago


I see your point, however a more natural translation to Spanish would be "Trabajo en el departamento de producción" rather than using "soy". I've never heard any of my Spanish friends say "soy" referring to such a sentence, but maybe it's possible. But yes, a report option on multi-choice questions would be helpful.

  • Frankie.
6 months ago

Thanks for the info - useful.

6 months ago
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Soy is incorrect in that sentence, you have to let go of that temporary vs permanent thing, there are far too many exceptions.

6 months ago

Thanks for confirming that, my friend.

6 months ago

I don't think he made a "temporary vs permanent issue of ser and estar. He was comparing a profession(ser) and location(estar).

"I am in the production department" is ambiguous it can either be stating your job position or stating you location.

6 months ago

Exactly. I am very happy to be corrected for my bad Spanish (that is why I am here on DUO after all ! ) but would like the option to suggest better solutions (particularly on the English side where solutions can be stilted and/or when american/foreign sounding to a UK ear)

6 months ago
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