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  5. "हम क्यों सोते हैं?"

"हम क्यों सोते हैं?"

Translation:Why do we sleep?

July 27, 2018



In the select the missing word exercise both सोते and सोती are given (both should be correct) but I guess only one of them is accepted (which is always the case in that type of exercise).


Is this a Billlie Eilish reference?


they mean "why do we sleep?" as a biological general question?

Because otherwise I dont understand this question...


Or philosophical. Or this question is made by a 5 year old who simply does not want to go to bed.


I've put wherefore do we sleep? and it says is bad whilst both mean the same


Thine Olde English query humoured me to no end. I trust, forsooth, that thou art an ardent student of Shakespeare?


That's correct, but pretty archaic.

Remember that Duolingo isn't some sort of magic, the volunteers creating the course have to think of the translations we might type to mark them as acceptable - and I'm not surprised that it didn't occur to anyone that somebody might write 'wherefor(e)' instead of 'why'!

You can click the report button and select 'my answer should have been accepted' in future though.


I gotta ask again. Why does क्यों sound like क्यूं ?

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