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  5. "राज कितने बजे सोयेगा?"

"राज कितने बजे सोयेगा?"

Translation:At what time will Raj sleep?

July 27, 2018



When will raj sleep?


Yes it should be accepted.


I'm not any sort of authority on the matter, but I think there's a separate word for when - कब. If using "when", an answer might be "at night" or "later today" or "when he's done working", however "at what time" can only ever result in a numeric answer. So while I agree that "When" is a more natural equivalent in many cases, it lacks the same level of precision about what's being asked.


OR - what time will raj go to sleep? - more likely english use??


My understanding is that

to sleep = सोना

To go to sleep / to fall asleep - सो जाना

Hopefully someone can confirm this.


A native speaker of Urdu here, trying to learn Hindi script.

This sentence cannot be literally translated in English as it appears and needs some explanation. In fact this verb does not exist in English and all the confusion here is precisely because of that.

BAJNA is a verb that roughly means... to strike, to ring spontaneously (for example a tone of a bell), to play spontaneously (for example a song on the radio). It is something akin to a reflexive verb in French. A song on the radio is BAJTA HE. A bell can do the same. This verb seems to explain the reflexive action of a clock when it sounds the hours by striking the mechanism inside.

So ITNE BAJE being in the past, can be translated as...HAVING STRUCK SO MANY TIMES...

I am not sure but I postulate that the verb entered the lexicon after the clock was introduced to the subcontinent. When it struck at a given hour, it was doing the action of BAJNA and so many time depending on the hour.

How many time the bell rang....KITNE BAJE (How many strikes?) This many times .... ITNE BAJE That many times...UTNE BAJE etc.etc.


How about the English translation For how many hours will Raj sleep? Is it right?


that would be — राज कितने घंटे सोएगा or राज कितने घंटों के लिए सोएगा


I think you'll need ke lie and then the oblique form


i wrote "what time will raj go to sleep" but it was wrong


When will Raj will, At what time Raj will sleep and lot others are correct


"At what time, Raj will sleep" marked incorrect for me.


It can also be what time will Raj sleep at


At what time Raj will sleep... should be accepted.


Why कितने बजे instead of कितना

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Oblique case. There is an implicit postposition before सोयेगा that corresponds to 'at' in the English sentence.

राज कितने बजे (को) सोयेगा?"

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