"The Glasses"

Translation:Die Gläser

March 28, 2013

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    Thanks tholenst2. What I meant and I was being sarcastic, was the word Brille, had not been used before. Die Glaser, meaning drinking glasses certainly has. I didn't know that Brille meant spectacles, ie glasses, the things perched on my nose. Whilst their answer is clearly correct my understanding of the question, didn't include and couldn't include both answers, because didn't know the word for spectacles, I do now thanks to you. Another thanks for taking the time to answer my somewhat vague question.


    I agree, I was a bit surprised to see this new word. I'm sure that I won't forget it now though!


    I am doing this exercises as "practise all skills" up to now, and I haven't seen neither the word Glaser(umlaut on a), nor Brille


    should be glasses since this is Food related...nicht gut

    [deactivated user]

      Sneaky a new word Brille


      I'm not quite sure what you're saying, however, note that the "glasses" you wear on your nose are always called "Die Brille". "Die Gläser" is exclusively used as plural of "Das Glas". Thus, you would say: "There are two glasses on the table" = "Es hat zwei Gläser auf dem Tisch."

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