"Tohle je na Františkovi."

Translation:This is up to František.

July 28, 2018

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I thought this was a toast. :D "This is to František."


Cases and prepositions are tricky, aren't they?

Sometimes the same preposition can be used with several different cases, thus changing the meaning.

A toast would use the accusative: Na Františka! 'To František!'


Could this also be translated as "This is on František," meaning that it is his responsibility? Granted, it would more commonly be "That is on František" in US usage, but still. Examples:

1A: I'm all set with the stuff I'm supposed to bring to the picnic!
1B: Did you remember to pick up the beer?
1A: Well, no. That's on František.

2A: Bad news, guys. We got a lousy grade on our history project.
2B: What happened?!?!
2A: They thought our exhibits were childishly done and hard to interpret.
2B: That's on František. The charts were his responsibility!


Yes, it can! And it's accepted, too: This [depends/is] on František.

In the first dialogue, we could definitely say "To je na Františkovi." meaning it's his duty/responsibility.

In the second dialogue, I wouldn't use that, but someone might (it would seem weird to me). The meaning there is "it's his fault", so we would say, for example, "To je kvůli Františkovi" or "Za to může František" or "To je Františkova vina/chyba".

"moct za něco" is a useful phrase to expressing blame :)


is this the locative?

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