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Duolingo for children.

I tried to post this to the facebook page, but it didn't work for some reason.

I have a daughter who is five, and is being taught basic reading at school. Keeping her attention and enthusiasm when helping her do her homework in the afternoon pretty difficult. She does like using the computer and smartphones - so i thought if Duolingo had a "I would like to learn English (I speak English)" mode, it could help parents.

Obviously there would be the same thing for other languages, too. Gameifying (that's a word now, isn't it?) learning to help kids!

March 28, 2013



Hi! Right now, you have to be 13 or older to use Duolingo. Our language learning method doesn't work for English learners learning English. Gamifying (perfect use of that!) is something we will continue to make a part of the Duolingo experience.


A way to sign up users under 13 with a parent's email would be nice. You shouldn't have to be a certain age to learn...


I think that would be great. My kids (ages 6-10) love taking dictation for me on my iPod--I'll say the answer and they find the words or select the correct sentence for me. They also like typing in full sentences, but I tend to not have the patience for that. Dragging the screen down to see the upside-down owl is another favorite activity!


i also enjoy dragging the screen for the upside down owl... i'm kinda older than 6-10, though........................


I think that would be a great idea!

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