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  5. "How is your family?"

"How is your family?"

Translation:Comment va ta famille ?

March 28, 2013



why is "ca va ta famille" incorrect?


The form you propose is more familiar (and oral) than "comment va ta famille ?"


Nevertheless, not wrong?


I don't understand why being more formal makes it incorrect. "Comment ça va ta famille?" Marked incorrect. Is there perhaps another error?


It is not incorrect because of formality; it is incorrect because you have used 2 subjects for the same verb "ça va ta famille" with "ça" and "ta famille" both subjects.

  • Comment va ta famille ? is standard and correct.


Can one ask "Ta famille, comment ca va?" ..it was marked wrong...


I think you would have to write "Ta famille, comment va-t-elle ?"


Is "comment allez votre famille?" correct?

Edited (thanks Sitesurf for the answer)


The subject of the verb "aller" here is "ta famille". Therfore the conjugation is that of a 3rd person singular:

  • comment va votre famille ? (how is your family?)


This was also my amswer, but not accepted.... Wonder why?


Sitesurf answered right above your post. Sometimes you need to keep reading to see what responses the first person who asked the same question got. It saves you having to echo the question which just adds to the clutter.


i put "comment est-ce que ta famille?" is that just completely wrong? haha


Yes, it is wrong because your question does not have a verb:

"How is your family?" needs verb "aller" in French (how is your family "going"?)

  • comment (est-ce que) va ta famille ?

Yet, this is still awkward French and "est-ce que" is not needed.


"Est" is the verb in kread18's question.

This language is so freaking difficult.


What Sitesurf meant is the sentence is lacking the main verb. Without aller then you have "how is it that your family?" Or some odd sentence like that.

To show you something similar in English where you have an auxiliary verb and a main verb and the sentence sounds wrong without the main verb, compare the following two sentences:

  • "How have you been?"

  • "How have you...?"

While "have" is indeed a verb, without the main verb "to be" from which "been" is derived, the sentence is incomplete.

Does that make sense?


what is difference in ta and ton?


ta fille is feminine

ton fils is masculine


Why is it comment VA and not comment EST votre famille? If the answer involves a degree in grammatical terms then please dont waste time on me.Thanks for the lay terms of your answer.


"comment allez-vous ?" or "comment va ta famille" are the way we inquire about people's health.

"comment est ta famille ?" means "how is your family like?", which prompts answers about their personality, for example.


what about "Comment est ta famille". why is that wrong?


It back translates to "what is your family like?"


Why not "Comment ta famille va-t-elle?


Un peu long, but correct.


It's kind of like "How's it going with your family?" in English.


i said comment vas ta famille and it said i used the tu form not the il/elle form but isn't ta a form of tu (thanks for your forbearance no doubt this's gonna be a head slapper)


Morna, yup.......... head slammer! Your (correct) solution is right there at the top of this page. I don't know which orifice Duo are plunging their communal head up here but your solution is exactly what is written at the top of this page. Report it.


it's not tho. i said vas and the correct form seems to be va. i'm thinking that comment va is just a THING but idk


I don't beleeeeve this! I checked before I posted and now it is different, as you point out. I give in. (Stepping out backwards and bowing....)


@morna_tudor, @jackjon ta famille (your family) is the subject of the question. It is not tu (you), so you would not use vas. You have to use the third person conjugation of aller.

Consider another verb être. To translate "your family is here" you would write ta famille est ici -- third person conjugation of the verb "to be". Why? Because "your family" is not "you" so second person verbs do not apply. However, had the subject been "you" (tu) then you would have tu es ici --second person conjugation of the French verb "to be".

By the same token, when you want to ask "how is your family?", you would have to remember "your family" is the subject, and not "you". So you have to use the third person conjugation of aller, namely va

Therefore, "how is your family?" = comment va ta famille ?


Thanks Mere_des_chats. I do get this. Look, I really don't know what happened here, but the first time I checked Duo's solution there was "VAS". Hence my first post. Now it is as you excellently describe VA. Hence my second frustrated post. Honest, I dunno how that happened guv! Thank you for sorting Duo out so eloquently. (Or sorting ME out. I just don't know what happened there.)


i wrote "comment est-ce que va ta famille?" could someone please explain why that's wrong? or direct me to who has already answered this? I've seen that Sitesurf wrote that as a correction to someones sentence but it was marked down as incorrect


In proper French, you should not have 2 interrogatives in a row: "comment" is an interrogative word and it is sufficient to ask your question.

"Est-ce que" does not add anything except more words to mean the same thing.

Just be aware that some French people do use this kind of phrasing but you may not want to do it.


Why not votre instead of ta?


"comment va votre famille ?" is accepted, as well as "comment va ta famille ?"


what about "comment ca va a ta famile"?


If you break it down, you will see it makes no sense.

Comment ça va ? means "How are you?" (How is it going (with you)?) Add à ta famille which is "to your family" and you form a very awkward sentence that makes no sense: "how is it going (with you) to your family?"

The correct way to say "how is your family?" in French is to say "how it is going (with) your family?" (or literally "how goes your family?") and that is comment va ta famille ?


Why wouldn't you use the "they" form of aller when it is referring to "the family"? It is they that are doing the going, isn't it?


Comment vont ta famille? ???


Famille is a word like dozen. While it represents more than one, it is a singular noun. Plural would be familles.

You ask in English "How is your family?" using the singular third person form of the verb "to be" because "family" is singular.

Similarly, you use the third person singular form of the verb aller when talking about a single famille.


Why doesnt: Commet ta famille... Work?


Because Madeon, Commet=Commit Not "How is?"


And you need the verb aller anyway because the French greeting literally is "how goes you/your family/etc?"

Hence comment vas-tu/va ta famille/etc ?


Hello M.D.C. Thank you for your refinement. It is appreciated. I am happy to learn; it is what I am here for. JJ.


Hi JJ:

I am sure you didn't learn this from me, you oh so modest gentleman! I suspected Madeon had misspelled comment thinking that translating the French sentence literally as "how('s) your family?" would work so wanted to point out the missing verb is an important part of this greeting. ~My best, MDC


Hi MDC. I DID and DO learn from you and these threads in all. I have my flaws you know? Flaws, which ever way it is spelt, are to be walked on. Ton ami JJ.


Ta famille, comment va-t-elle is not accepted.


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