"Oni sem nebudou jezdit."

Translation:They will not come here.

July 28, 2018

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Why use sem instead of tady?


sem is a direction (hither), tady is a location


They are not going to be to go(come) here- could be accepted?


They are not going to go, to come, to be going, to be coming - all of these are accepted.

You can't say "to be to go/come".


If they are girls shouldn't ony be allowed


In a "type what you hear" exercise, you need to type what you hear.

In the reverse exercise where you translate English to Czech, you can use "ony".


What is the difference in how they sound...is it very subtle

  • "oni" is pronounced /oňi/ with a palatal Ň sound
  • "ony" is pronounced /oni/ with an alveolar N sound

Depending what your native language is, you may or may not be familiar with the Ň sound. It appears in Spanish (written as Ñ), French (written as GN), Italian (written as GN), Hungarian (written as NY), and even some dialects of English, for example in the word "new" (as opposed to "noo").

To Czechs, the difference is not subtle at all. Try listening to "ony" and "oni" on Google translate, for example, or look for these words on Forvo to hear native speakers pronounce them.


They are not going to arrive here Takhle to nejde? Proč?


To by bylo "Oni sem nepřijedou". Je to zvláštní, ale nějak to nejde použít pro opakované ježdění.

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