"वह खाना बनाता है ।"

Translation:He cooks food.

July 28, 2018

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'He makes food' was marked incorrect. Though I've frequently been told in India that my salads and sandwiches don't count as a meal, I still contest that one can make food without cooking it. ;)


Seems like it should be either "he makes food" or "he cooks," but neither work. "He cooks food" sounds a bit redundant.


It's now accepted


Although "पकाना" (to cook) is theoretically the correct translation, but in India we use "बनाना" (to make) more often when speaking


‘he cooks the food’ was not accepted. Why not?


This is a good question.


बनाता ~ interesting that this word means "cooks", "creates, "makes". It was used for "making" houses in an earlier sentence. Is there a Hindi word in use for "construct"?


He makes food was accepted


This is as good a place to ask this as anywhere: What accounts for the sometimes vast difference between the language we are learning here and Google translate? I often go to it for reference (ex: looking up the variants of "cook") and find entirely different words altogether (same ex: "cook" on Google translate was "रसोइया"). I trust Duolingo - and this discussion forum in particular - and adhere to it, but can't help but wonder at the disparity.


Well, google translate compiles various sources and can't possibly identify context, idioms and most commonly used words all the time. I learn and teach several languages and google translate is the last resource I suggest my students to use (and of course, I try to avoid it as much as possible when I'm learning on my own)

Now, about your doubt with "to cook"... the word google translated showed you includes "रसोई" (rasoee) which is "kitchen". So it might be a valid answer, but I learn hindi with an Indian tutor and she uses both पकाना (pakaana, to cook) and बनाना (banaana, to make) when talking about food. With time I realized that for more informal situations she uses banaana, but please don't take this as a hard rule, it's just a personal observation.


Why not "He prepares food"


He makes food means you prepare stuffs for food. However, cooks food sounds better..


"He cooks the food" should be accepted


It can also just be he cooks!


Isn't there a separate word for "cook" and "make"?


I thought पकना was 'to cook', though maybe बनाना is more commonly used.

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