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  5. "Are you people thirsty?"

"Are you people thirsty?"

Translation:क्या आप लोग प्यासे हैं?

July 28, 2018



क्या आप प्यासे हैं should be valid. English doesn't have a separate plural second person pronoun, so you have to add 'people' for clarity. But in Hindi, 'लोग' is optional. 'आप' by itself can very well mean plural.


I think most native (American) English speakers would not say "you people," as it has kind of a weird racial outsider connotation. Depending on the dialect, we're more likely to say "you guys," "you all," "y'all," "all y'all," etc. Or just "you" is also fine if it's clear we're talking to a group.


I wondered about that--does Hindi ever add लोग to clarify that they mean multiple people and not just a polite "you", or does this sentence seem unnatural to a native speaker?


Both - inclusion and exclusion of "log" - are natural for me. To the best of my knowledge, whether one uses it or not is just up to preference, and somewhat depends on where the person is from.


pyāsā honā has negative connotations. One would rather say, "Kyā āp logoñ kō pyās lagī hai?"


सही बात कहा । Yes, I'm even wondering that. They want to teach something weird which doesn't fit in general life but fits in English style structure. Face palm !


If all the people are women, then instead of pyase, pyasi should be used, is it not? Can someone explain?

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